We reveal why comms professionals really want to quit their jobs

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Posted: Jul 2020

There isn’t always just one concrete reason that makes a high-performing comms professional quit their role; as outlined in our recent Annual Salary Guide 2020, it’s typically a combination of things that weigh on the minds of employees and impact their decision to quit over time. Our findings revealed a distinct set of common reasons that drive employees to want to leave the companies they work at – and they may not be the ones you

Retention is higher … but there are still people looking to move

While there are many professionals in the industry currently sitting tight as we work through the challenges that have been presented as a result of COVID-19, this should not be a reason for managers to coast as we ride the storm. True enough, for many, now is not the time to think about a new job. However, managers cannot afford to rest easy thinking that their teams are safe, as there are still plenty of people carrying out job searches in the current market.

Keep the opportunities for self-development flowing; keep them on their toes

Our findings show that in-house professionals have their eyes on future growth – they want to continue moving up, forward, learning more, and if they aren’t offered continuous opportunity to grow their skills, grow personally and learn new things that interest them, then they will look elsewhere for a career and company that does offer these things.

Managers, are you giving employees time to discuss their career goals, helping them to identify growth opportunities themselves? Are you mentoring them? Employees want managers to help grow their careers — and if bosses don't step up, they leave.

Furthermore, no one wants to be bored and unchallenged by their work. So if you have an employee who acts as if they are, you need to help them find their passion. Work closely with them to ensure that each of them is engaged, excited and challenged to contribute, create and perform. It may require some investment in additional training so that they can upskill, but challenging them to step out of their comfort zone will avoid any issues with boredom.

Keep your work culture alive – even if working remotely / at a distance

With team and company culture sitting at the top of the list of reasons why agency employees are likely to start a job search, it’s more important than ever to keep your teams engaged, particularly as so many are remote working, scattered across multiple locations and time zones.

People will be missing the little things – the coffee breaks, a walk to the shops, catch-ups at lunch, the after-work get-togethers. A lot of these small interactions form the foundations of your work culture – so you need methods and habits to fill the holes left by remote working.

Encourage small wins, recognise contributions, ask team members if they want to have a chat, express gratitude for someone solving a problem – small actions like these can lift an entire team.

Remember also, a company with a positive culture will attract the type of talent that is willing to make their next workplace a home, rather than just a stepping-stone.

Money matters …

In many cases, agencies’ revenues will be hit, which influences profit and naturally influences pay increases and bonuses. We can already foresee that pay rises and bonuses will have a knock-on effect when we carry out our next survey. However, it is the number 2 reason why agency employees leave their jobs, so don’t ignore it. People will look after their careers and seek increases outside their company if salaries and bonuses are frozen for too long.

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