Insights from Charlotte Nunes, Communications  Director at RVU

Charlotte Nunes
Posted: Jun 2020

We interviewed Charlotte Nunes, Communications Director at RVU.  She started out in comms for brands including Butlins, Haagen-Daas, Toshiba and TalkTalk before joining Uswitch.  She has successfully risen through the ranks in a challenging and fast-paced group. This is not to mention working a four-day week.

We asked Charlotte to share her thoughts on her lessons learned, advice on getting ahead and her rather fabulous hidden talent.  Read on to find out more. 

1. What would you say are your three key attributes that have contributed to your career success?

Apparently I have a high EQ - I certainly think listening to people is underrated; I’m positive - my glass is always more than half full; I’m adaptable - at RVU we say everything is written in pencil, it’s all ‘subject to change’ at any time.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career so far?

Sticking to my guns and holding onto a four day working week while proving influence and capability in a high performance environment

3. What is your most memorable work moment?

Getting my first national front page - I had to check several times that I wasn’t seeing things.

4. How are you managing working from home?

Our teams are communicating more than ever. Daily ‘stand ups’, weekly meetings and many, many video calls in between. I’ve set up a makeshift office in the loft to hide from my family. I know it’s time to go and rescue the children (or husband) if the volume reaches the top of the stairs.

5. I get the impression that RVU is a fast paced, highly entrepreneurial culture – how do you keep up?

Absolutely - life at RVU is exciting, dynamic and challenging. I’m naturally results-driven, thankfully, and enjoy having new things thrown at me. Our stringent recruitment process means that, while we are diverse, people at RVU share the same common cultural values - passionate about what we do but never taking ourselves too seriously.

6. What is the most important lesson you have learned with managing people?

Listening is the most powerful thing you can do. Keep your mind open, don’t assume you know what people are thinking and don’t go into a meeting thinking you know it all - be willing to change your mind.

7. What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve been given along the way, and by whom?

I strongly believe in Michael Dell’s mantra: try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, invite smarter people - or find a different room.

8. What or who inspires you, and why?

I was brought into Uswitch by a spirited, savvy, super-smart woman called Cristina Rebollo. English wasn’t her first language but you’d never know - her attention to detail, her nose for a story and passion for data was second to none. She taught me how to run an effective team with hard-hitting results. Ten years on I still often ask myself ‘what would Cristina do?’.

9. If you hadn’t ended up working in comms, what was your plan B?

I wanted to read the news (and still do, actually).

10. Do you have any hidden talents?

I like to think I can sing like Shirley Bassey...

Thank you, Charlotte.

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