Here’s How to Make Flexible Working Work

Heres How to Make Flexible Working Work
Posted: Feb 2020

Do you offer flexible working? If not, why not?! Millions of employees want flexibility in the workplace – in fact, flexible working is one of the top priorities when choosing a job, particularly among millennials. With the workforce set to become dominated by millennials by 2025, younger talent are now challenging the traditional patterns and customs which previously defined the working environment.

The bottom line – having a modern, innovative culture of flexible working can make you overwhelmingly attractive to new recruits and in the competitive Corporate Comms environment you work in today, this can really set you apart.

Keeping employees happy should be a priority for your business. To help you in this quest, The Works Search has put together ‘A Guide to Flexible Working for Corporate Communications Professionals’. It is no secret that the corporate communications industry lags behind other industry sectors when it comes to flexible working options. We hope that this guide will educate, inspire and empower you to jump onto the flexible working bandwagon.

With PR agencies in particular fighting for talent, as some of their top performers are choosing to move in-house, freelance or leave the industry entirely, we believe it’s high time to change your thinking, show your team that you trust them and become an ‘employer of choice’. And what better way to give applicants the impression that you are a progressive and forward-thinking organisation, willing to listen and accommodate employees’ needs than introducing flexible working – or shining a light on it if you do already offer it?

The guide looks in greater detail at the changing concept of flexible working, as well as examining the benefits it can offer to both employer and employees. We urge you to read it; it won’t take long, and the insights are valuable. We all know that the workplace is not what it once was. As the digital landscape has grown over the past ten years, so have our lifestyle demands – we have become a 24/7 world. It’s goodbye to the routine of 9am to 5pm and hello to a new dawn; flexible working.

Allowing someone some flexibility is a show of trust on your behalf, which can lead to an increased sense of loyalty and a desire to go that extra mile. It’s a hands-down winning situation.

Remember, even if the employees in your company haven’t requested flexibility or expressed a need for it, this does not mean they don’t want it. When you empower your employees and give them opportunities to have more flexibility when needed, this can positively affect their productivity as well as their wellbeing.

Be the employer to lead the way by offering employees that element of greater control over their working times and patterns; it’s highly likely that others will follow suit, but you will have got there first.

The way we work is radically changing; the demand is very high for flexible working. Now is the time to capitalise on it.

To help you implement flexible working into your business, we have put together a simple ‘how to’ guide which you can download here:

A Guide To Flexible Working For Corporate Communications Professionals

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