Free Get Back Into Work Initiative for Comms Professionals

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Posted: Jul 2020

**No introduction fee for a new hire for the first three months**

We are all aware that, due to the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown, many people in our industry are losing their jobs. Some professionals have been made redundant, employment contracts have been halted and, in the case of the self-employed, they are losing significant parts of their income.

Conversations we are having, however, also tell us that there are many corporate comms teams that are incredibly busy right now, and many corporate agencies are working flat out making their work as relevant as possible for their clients. To read our latest market update, click here.

We know there are companies hiring, albeit on a much smaller scale. Over the last few months, we have successfully placed people in PR agencies and in-house comms roles including a management consultancy. The whole process took place by interviewing over Zoom. The candidates have settled in brilliantly and are happy in their new comms teams. It just shows you that anything is possible!

The Works Search would like to help people coming on to the job market, in a way we know best. We are running a getting back into work initiative to help get some of these brilliant corporate comms professionals back into work, without our recruitment fee being a barrier to hire.

This means that for the month of August, if a company hires one of our comms professionals on a three-month contract, we will waive our introduction fee for this three-month period. If they hire them for a year, we will discount the invoice by 25%. Both parties will receive our smooth service as always, and we will short-list our best people for you. If you would like to find out more about the offer, just call me.

How can you help?

  • Please can you share this initiative with your network as we want to help in this challenging time
  • If you have made staff redundant or let go of your contractors, please ask them to get in touch with
  • If you know of a company who would love an extra pair of hands right now and may be able to hire, please let them know about our free service

Rajmeena Aujla, Senior Media Relations Manager, PA Consulting has this to say:

"During the Covid Lockdown working with The Works was a blend of reassuring guidance, helpful feedback and solid timely communication. I benefitted from their experience, deep understanding of my prospective employer's needs and their expectations for the future role.

The team were proactively on hand to help me prepare for all the calls. Going through the basics, as well as more technical aspects too. The interviews were managed by the team well and I felt confident ahead and during the call. I was given helpful feedback throughout the whole process, given the situation, it was handled very smoothly and professionally."

Lastly, in case you missed our most recent annual Salary Guide, you can download a free copy here

The Works Search a search consultancy specialising in PR and corporate communications. We have unrivalled matching abilities and known for finding the top 5% performers in the industry - the ones who deliver and make your reputation great. For more advice or market insights, do get in touch with us on 0207 903 9291 or email

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