5 Ways To Excel in Financial PR

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Posted: Jan 2020

With the demand for financial PR professionals seeming to show no signs of slowing, The Works Search's MD Sarah Leembruggen looks at the top 5 desirable factors which make a financial PR professional really stand out from the crowd in a competitive London market.

1. M&A and IPO transactions experience

A proven track record of working on M&A and IPOs transactions will naturally stand out in terms of relevant deal knowledge and experience. This is in addition to the traditional calendar work and managing clients’ results and announcements. Financial PRs must able to effectively highlight their respective role working on specific projects and deal activity. Financial PRs with knowledge of M&A/ IPO deals, coupled with international cross-border experience, are placed at a premium.

2. Prized international expertise

In today’s market, many leading financial communications firms are consolidating their service offering as they respond to ever-changing demands with global, political and digital implications. Firms are tasked with managing a corporate narrative as well as financial results and announcements, which often straddle international markets and time zones. As financial PR activity becomes more complex and demanding, clients are becoming increasingly attracted to firms who are able to offer sophisticated, integrated services with a global footprint, but local expertise. The demand for cross-border services has been magnified by large scale, global deal making over the past twelve months.

3. C-Suite influence

Operating at C-suite level not only boosts credibility, it also increases influence which in turn increases value. Whether directly engaging with senior stakeholders on M&A activity, providing senior level strategic advice to retain clients, or securing new business following a successful pitch, these elements all add to your ‘stock’. Operating as a trusted communications advisor to senior stakeholders/counsel with listed clients will inevitably boost your own profile and also supports with bringing in new business.

4. Wider corporate communications know-how

There is an emerging trend for an integrated financial and corporate PR service – offering the two disciplines increasing working directly alongside one another. Firms with a combined financial and corporate offering include Brunswick, Finsbury, CNC, Newgate and Teneo Blue Rubicon. Bucking this trend are traditional financial PR houses who, in the main, have kept the bulk of their financial vs corporate departments as separate entities. These firms include the likes of FTI Consulting and Citigate. Many financial PR firms are interested in bringing in talent with a skill-set combining both M&A and IPOs activity with crisis, issues and reputation management expertise in line with the industry changing, the most sought after professionals require both corporate and financial expertise.

5. Knowing your market worth in the industry

The talent pool of professionals with traditional financial PR experience is much smaller than in most other PR sectors – in comparison to corporate and consumer disciplines for example. In addition, the level of technical knowledge and expertise required ultimately results in attracting talent at a premium. Financial PRs are among the best paid professionals in the industry and lead the way in terms of salaries and bonuses in comparison to their corporate peers. Take a look at our most recent Salary Survey. Its imperative financial PR professionals know their market value to remain competitively remunerated for the work they do.

The Works Search is a search consultancy specialising in PR and corporate communications. We have unrivalled matching abilities and known for finding the top 5% performers in the industry - the ones who deliver and make your reputation great. For more advice or market insights, do get in touch with us on 0207 903 9291 or email

Sarah Leembruggen
Sarah Leembruggen
Managing Director – Executive Search

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