5 Ways Agency PR Experience Will Boost Your Career

5 Ways Agency PR Experience Will Boost Your Career
Posted: May 2020

Most PR and communications professionals we speak to are keen to make the transition to or stay in-house when considering a career move. In this blog we look at how the learning opportunities professionals have when working within a PR agency and how they can in fact be a beneficial string to your career bow.

When it comes to PR professionals considering their career choices, working in an agency is very often not on the top of the wish list, as the most common preference we hear about is the desire to work in-house. In this blog we highlight some of the benefits involved in being part of a PR agency team that some PR pros may not have considered. What are your thoughts on working agency-side in comparison to in-house? We’d love to hear. Tweet us @theworksrecruit.


Whether it’s liaising with a diverse range of clients, to dabbling in different industry sectors, one of the biggest benefits to working in an agency is the opportunity for variety. This in turn has an impact on the campaigns you will be dealing with, especially in terms of working across industries and different clients, and exposure to various communications disciplines. Also the agency structure impacts variety – with matrix structures PR professionals in agencies can have a number of different managers.


Being a part of an agency means PR pros will be a part of specialist expert teams when they are working on campaigns, which is an excellent opportunity to gather niche knowledge and exposure to dedicated disciplines such as digital, public affairs, internal comms and branding.

Time to be inspired

In having the chance to work across different industry sectors there is ample opportunity and time for you to work out which sectors you love and develop your skills and career in that direction.

Commercial acumen

Having first-hand exposure of running accounts efficiently and of course winning new ones, and servicing your client base well, gives PR professionals in agencies valuable direct experience of running a business, which is of course an asset in any career projection.

Cutting edge

In such a highly competitive industry agencies are constantly streamlining and improving their service offering in order to stay ahead of the game. The pace and creativity are cutting edge and agencies will undertake some of the most sophisticated and challenging communications within the industry. This means PR pros working in these environments stay ahead too.

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