5 reasons why you shouldn’t shirk annual leave

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Posted: Mar 2021

For a busy manager or business owner it can feel hard, at the best of times, to find the perfect moment to take a holiday; add a global pandemic into the mix and you could be left feeling that you can’t afford to take your foot off the gas right now. However, as well as giving you a well-deserved break, taking time off is actually good for business.

Whether it’s home or abroad, taking a holiday is vital for you AND your business. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Sets a good example

Everyone knows you should lead by example, and holiday taking is no exception. As a manager, if you take all of your annual leave and encourage your team to also do so, it sets a healthy precedent and culture which will have a positive impact on the business. Employees respect for management will improve and they will feel more comfortable taking their holiday allowance, thereby giving them space to re-boot.

2. Improves productivity and creativity

…For you, and the whole team! Time off allows everyone – yourself included – to switch off a bit, re-energise and come back to work ready for the next challenge. Stepping back and having a change of scene and routine can do wonders for your creative thinking, helping you look at things from a different perspective. Whether you decide to go abroad or stay-cation, a break from being in work mode to enjoy time at home and maybe do something a bit different is the next best thing! Refresh yourself to achieve mental clarity, and fingers crossed later in the year getting away will be possible!

3. Shows employees you trust them

It can be difficult as a manager to take a break but falling into the trap of making yourself indispensable can actually send out negative messages. Planning a holiday and allowing your employees to take the reins, shows them that you trust them and empowers them to work more independently. This helps promote a positive work culture, as well as happier, more motivated colleagues.

4. Enables lifestyle balance

In this digital age, the traditional ‘work/life balance’ has shifted to more of a ‘work/life blend’, which has been exacerbated by constant home working. Thanks to our smart phones and Wi-Fi we are always ‘on’ which isn’t great for our mental health or stress levels. Taking time off is therefore important to help re-balance life, every now and again, and detach from the pressures of business.

5. Improves relationships

If you’re constantly working and never take time off, it’s not just you that suffers. Taking a holiday allows you to focus on the people who really matter, and it’s essential to ensure quality time with them. This past year has been hard for many, and it’s family and friends who help pull you through. Whether you go out for a long walk or just chill out on the sofa, spending quality time with them will help strengthen your relationships.

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