Why move jobs now?

25 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Are you finding your job search for your ideal PR and corporate communications role is getting pushed further and further away in the busy lead up to Christmas? The final quarter of the year can be a tricky time to get a new job – but it can also be a truly crucial time. This week we share a few of our tips on why it’s important to get your job search done and dusted – now.

1. You’re hot property

Many organisations, and many PR and corporate communications professionals, want to put off hiring or moving to a new role until there is essentially more time for the interviewing process – ie January or February – but equally, many do not. Volumes of teams want people in place, with notice period completed, so you can really hit the ground running in the New Year. It’s an attractive prospect for many organisations to have the less productive training periods and settling in completed by year end, so you can really start delivering results from a clean slate in 2017. If you are open to a new role before the end of the year you will be highly appealing to prospective employers in your sector.

2. Beat the competition

There’s something very exciting and satisfying about having the search finished, and a new start lined up for the New Year. Putting off a job search can mean you’re having to start again from scratch in quarter one, and you could be spending another three months looking for a whole new set of opportunities and going through more interview processes – if you’re keen to get out of your job, this could be a big headache. January to March is a peak time for jobhunters returning to work after the Christmas break and can also mean extra competition in an already highly competitive market. Getting the stress and hassle of a job search out of the way as part of your busy and demanding last quarter of the year can make a lot of sense.

3. Decision deadlines

Both organisations and PRs looking for their ideal new role are really up against it in the last quarter of the year, they are against the clock tying up loose ends and pitching, planning and partying. This can be hugely beneficial in speeding up decision making and the process of hiring someone into the team. If you are looking to find a new role quickly then the last quarter of the year can be an enormously successful and streamlined time to do it, as the Christmas deadline is fast approaching.

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