Why aren’t you finding the right PR to join your team?

11 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Whether you think your organisation is growing successfully or not, it’s always very worthwhile to brush up your recruitment strategy and make sure you are appealing to superstar PR talent in a fast-paced market.

1. What’s your reputation like?

This is something which you may well not have thought of asking – but it’s an important question and can give you a valuable steer on your plus points, and vital insights on where you need to improve. Speak to an experienced search expert who specialises in your sector and have an honest conversation about your reputation in the market and how you are measuring up against your competitors. What changes can you make to improve your desirability? What feedback can you communicate through the business to develop your employer branding? Be open to flexibility and moving with the market – this is a war on talent!

2. Finding your source

Whether you have a dedicated in-house recruitment team sourcing the very best gems in the market, or whether you have a long-standing relationship with a successful, experienced specialist search team, you need to have a good awareness of tried and tested sources of success. Have you done an analysis on where your most recent, successful hires have come from? This may sound simple but you would be surprised how many organisations don’t do this – it’s a fantastically easy way to tap into your most fruitful pool of potential new employees. What are your competitors doing that you can do better? Be open to new ideas to help bring talent down the pipeline.

3. Slow process

In a fast-paced, competitive, talent-led market, there is no room for a slow process. You need to be on top of your process, showing interviewees how impressed you were by them, asking the right questions in an interview, actively speaking to the search consultancies you are partnering with, and keeping up a consistent and impressive pipeline so your organisation is familiar with a moving and progressive recruitment process. Review your recruitment strategy and identify any areas you think might be problematic – it doesn’t have to be complex, it just has to be effective. Make sure your strategy works with your source.

4. Effective interviews

You need to be making sure you are making the most of your interview opportunities – the process should be slick, and you should be asking the right questions which really tap into a professional’s experience and uniqueness and give you an insight into how they will fit into your team. It’s also important to ensure you are also providing a positive and enlightening process for them too – having a good experience during the interview stages is hugely important for a professional to consider whether moving to your organisation is the right decision for them, so you should be going the extra mile to do a good sell on your organisation.

5. Think about your offer

How can you stand out from the crowd with what you are offering prospective employees? Is your benefits package really, actually competitive, or just standard? Are there attractive elements you could include to add in a little originality? Importantly – are your salary bandings competitive? Salary is a top 3 factor for PRs to move jobs, and could give you the edge in attracting your ideal talent.

If you need help in perfecting your interview process or hiring strategy, we can offer you bespoke ideas and training. Contact Sarah to discover more about this and for a no obligation chat.

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