Why a positive outlook is crucial for post Brexit UK recruitment

12 Jul 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

In my view the recruitment industry undeniably face challenges over the next decade as a result of the Brexit vote, and we will need to maintain a positive and confident focus – as we have done before in similar times of major change and unsettled markets. Businesses will need to shrewdly review and evolve their hiring processes, and quickly, to maximise their opportunity for successful growth.

There is no doubt that the EU referendum vote results has had far-reaching consequences already, and that these consequences will have long-lasting effects which may have both positive and negative impacts depending on the sector. There is also the issue of the yet-to-be-known government measures to protect business growth and development, which I believe is a crucial factor in the recruitment industry’s success after Brexit.

I remember when Lehman Brothers went down in September 2008, and every conversation was about ‘recruitment freezes’. The good news is the current turmoil hasn’t seemed to have had the same impact. So far no roles have been put on hold in this sector and companies are still hiring. For now at least, and we hope this will hold.

Now we have a new country leader and perhaps another election, I am confident that the dust will settle. In my view, we have a communications industry which is far more recession proof and robust than ever before. We are able to cope much better with this change as businesses are leaner, better run and the talent is high. With having more wisdom from pushing through tough markets, we are all in a stronger position and able to adapt our business accordingly.

As the eternal optimist, I believe we are the masters of our own destinies and in control of our outcomes. There are opportunities everywhere for us even in times of upheaval. It may be a changeable time for us all but let’s ride through it in style, as it will be ok. It always is. The corporate and financial agencies may not be as profitable this year, however they will survive another day. Their clients need them more than ever and we will all come through this challenging time just a little wiser, hopefully not much greyer, but let’s learn from the ride.

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