What to expect when working with The Works:

30 Jan 2018 by Sarah Leembruggen.

What to expect from The Works consultants:

Our consultants are chosen for their integrity, intelligence and professionalism. They will always:

Be honest in their communication with you:

  • We understand the importance of confidentiality, especially when you are looking for a new role, and nothing is done without your permission. There is never any danger of your CV leaving our office without your knowledge.
  • We will be honest and provide you with objective advice about the marketplace and salaries – we do not place people simply for the sake of it.
  • We will keep you informed at every stage of the process

Give you guidance based on superior knowledge:

  • We will interview you thoroughly, listen to what you want and suggest opportunities which are in tune with this.
  • We will also ensure our clients are provided with a detailed interview report about you in support of your CV so they are fully briefed about you.
  • Before interview we will brief you thoroughly about the client and their requirements to help with your interview preparation. We meet all our clients if we can and maintain regular contact with them which ensures the briefing notes which your consultant will give you before you attend an interview are always up to date.
  • We will always give you a job a description whenever the client has provided us with one.

Take care:

  • Our consultants will ensure they understand your experience and what is important to you in your career. As a result, we can and will let you know of roles that we are handling that are relevant to your experience, even if you have not applied directly for them.
  • We will recommend ways to improve your CV if appropriate
  • We will help you with your interview techniques and prepare you so that you feel ready for the interview.
  • Finally, if you really feel you need it, we can offer more comprehensive interview training for a small fee

What we will expect from you:
In turn, we will need a certain amount from you to ensure we can help you to the best of our ability. Therefore we would ask that you follow these guidelines:

When liaising with our consultants:

  • Treat your initial meeting with your consultant like a first stage interview with a company. This will enable us to gauge your interview skills and give you professional advice - look the part and be prepared to talk about your skills and achievements in detail.
  • Return our calls/emails as soon as possible, and always call in with your feedback after an interview.
  • Channel all communications with clients we’re introducing you to through us – this avoids any confusion and keeps the recruitment process on a professional footing

Keep us informed:

  • Provide us with accurate and up-to-date information, so if your salary increases or if you move house, please let us know
  • Be honest with us – be upfront about what else is happening with your job search so all parties remain in the loop and there are no surprises; this includes letting us know where your CV has been sent/where you have interviewed in the last six months, as generally speaking we cannot introduce you to the same client for six months since an initial approach was made
  • Let us know about any holiday plans or other leave which is likely to affect your availability for interviews
  • Tell us if you secure a role we’re not handling or if your requirements change in any way
  • Let us know if you see a job of interest on our website after you’ve met with a consultant; there’s no need to send us another application

Be prepared:

  • You will need to invest some extra time to prepare thoroughly for interviews in addition to the briefing material and counsel we give you. We will only work with the best clients, and in return they expect us to send them the best candidates.
  • Be aware that you may need to be flexible with your availability to meet with our clients. As our clients are of highest calibre they are inevitably extremely busy, so you may have to juggle your timings a bit.

Finally, as a company we support SmartWorks, a charity that helps women on low incomes get back to work. Our consultants provide interview training and the company is always driving to help find interview clothing and accessories. If you wish to, any ‘interview worthy’ items that you feel you would like to donate you can bring along to your registration and will be very gratefully received.

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