What is it like working at The Works?

26 Nov 2013 by Renee Wo.

It is all about the people. It is so important to us that we not only like working here, but we have a smile on our face every morning when we walk into work.

We have an amazing team – made up of a whole host of characters, with different opinions, backgrounds and stages of our lives, which makes The Works a truly magical place to work.

Our team:

Kate (Senior Consultant) – bubbly, open and honest, full of banter which makes her great at winding her colleagues up. The only time she drops her driven and highly professional “recruiter voice” would be on the phone with her husband who makes her delicious lunch every day. She is a good mentor and is my food buddy!

Tess (Consultant) – fun, focused and the socialite of the company – best person to get advice on the places to go and be seen with in London! You will never keep up with Tess’ social life and on a work night out you will see her attempting to jump over a pommel horse in a pub if you give her more than 2 glasses of wine.

Tarasyn (Consultant) – With a unique name comes a unique character. She has a great sense of humour, open and direct – she is professional through and through at work. She will make you laugh everyday if you sit next to her, and will keep you entertained with some very amusing stories about her personal life….

Amy (in-house trainer and jack of all trades) – everything is Amy’s business here at The Works; she knows everything to do with the company, so we love asking her questions. She is the funniest person in the team (she wouldn’t have it any other way!) and she has the power of bringing everyone together. On a good day she laughs with you and makes you happier; on a bad day she is a great listener and is very caring.

Lynne (Managing Partner) – is the mother figure at The Works and has the team’s wellbeing at heart. Hardworking and secretly sensitive, Lynne is extremely nurturing and loves helping people; we wouldn’t be the company that we are without her.

Sarah (Managing Partner) – a very inspiring boss and extremely smart, Sarah will tell you how it is and has clients and candidates like putty in her hands. She pushes us hard but rewards us well when we get excellent results. She is really fun (and competitive!) on a team night out – bowling, table tennis, pub quiz…best to get on Sarah’s team!

Me – I am Renee and I am a Consultant here at The Works. I am not sure what my colleagues would say about me, but I am told that I am good at staying positive at all situations and I am very good at making sure everyone has plenty of cake and tea!

What I love about the team is that we are all very different people but create amazing chemistry. We make each other laugh every day and everyone actually cares about each other. They will pick you up when you have a bad day, give you great flat hunting/relationship advice and get outrageously drunk with you on a team night out.

When we pull together as a team and chase for one goal – we know we will smash it. Our candidates are our bloodstream and we all have the joint reward of placing people into fabulous careers.

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