What I enjoy about executive search and the challenge of it

04 Mar 2015 by Sarah Leembruggen.

My first foray into the world of executive search assignment was about 7 years ago. It was by no means the main focus of the business at that point but our thorough processes were well and truly in place. So when it was pointed out to me that the way I work my network and go about filling a role is exactly the way I would go about filling an executive assignment, a large light bulb lit up over my head. Why not do executive search all the time?

It was the best decision I ever made – and here’s why.

A lot of my work is already done

After 10 years of mapping the market and targeting the best people for a role, I have done my fair share of research so I always have a starting point and I always know who to ask for recommendations if I need to. Our database is tiered and I network in the top 20% of exceptional Comms people so I am well placed to deliver.

It’s an energising and dynamic process

The need to deliver is very motivational. I thrive on the pressure of having an extraordinary amount of work to do in a short timeframe.

There is nothing better than being able to guarantee a client the very best Head of Comms accepting an offer within 8 weeks of the campaign starting. When you start to identify the right people, it becomes exhilarating as you realise that the project is taking shape and you have lined up five fabulous candidates for a client. (I guarantee between 3 and 6 candidates depending on a client’s preferences and the time available to them to interview).

I enjoy the prestige

I would be lying if I said I didn’t derive pleasure from being able to work with high profile people. The executive search process comes with a level of detail that is extremely intricate so I need to go beyond the nuts and bolts of a candidate’s career. It’s all about the fine points, the minutiae, the little things that help to define a candidate as a cut above the rest. A happy consequence of this is that I get to know some exceptional people very well indeed. It is a real privilege to be part of the process of finding these people a career-defining job.

I can share my knowledge

It is a great pleasure to be able to show a client that I know what great looks like and that every candidate that I put forward is highly credible.

The exclusivity of the executive search ensures that I have the time to go an inch wide and a mile deep to find the very best out there for each and every client who comes to me. The thoroughness of the process, the very clear-cut, well-defined parameters that we work to, the need to go over and above in order to deliver the most outstanding candidates make my role in helping to strategically build out a team enormously gratifying.

Are you convinced that I’m rather partial to it?!

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