What benefits keep your senior staff happy? It’s not all about the money…

26 Mar 2014 by Kate Clover.

We asked PR practitioners who are earning at least a £50,000 base salary, working both in-house and in-agency, about what is important to them when it comes to benefits. It turns out it is pretty much everything!

Everyone said that having an employer pension fund that matched their contributions was important to them, and some felt they would look for an employer to exceed their own contributions. It is clear people are thinking about saving for their future security after a period of austerity.

Those quizzed also put a strong emphasis on their wellbeing - with holiday entitlement and flexible working mentioned as key benefits.

•More than half (55%) of those asked went on to cite pension contributions as a key factor they would consider beyond their salary when considering changing jobs.

•94% said at least 25 days’ holiday a year is important, and 70% said it was “very important”.

•In addition 76% feel the option of flexible working is important to them, and being able to work from home on occasion is a real benefit to many. People are not afraid to work hard during their time at work but are also putting greater emphasis on being trusted to get a great job done, looking to move away from an excessive long hours culture.

•The only benefit that was deemed less important was a car allowance, with 83% saying this wasn’t important to them when considering benefits, which isn’t surprising given that our candidates are London centric.

This is only a small snapshot but as the market continues to see more and more jobs available we will see further increases in the number of people moving. As a result it is important to consider benefits when thinking about how to attract and also keep hold of your star performers. Employers need to make sure they are competitive in this market if they are going to win the battle for top talent.

Of course salary and benefits are only a consideration when it comes to overall job satisfaction. Having clear goals, understanding and believing in the company’s vision, and feeling valued in their role are all factors that are major contributors to overall job satisfaction. Both motivations (eg challenging work, recognition and responsibility) and what are sometimes dubbed “hygiene” factors (eg salary, job security and benefits) need to be taken into account when looking at what will motivate people to be happy and ultimately stay (or consider moving) in their role.

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