The Secret of Keeping Good People in a Difficult Market

07 Nov 2012 by Dave Kibby.

You're leaving? To go to them?????!!!!

When you've worked hard through the recruitment process, inducted, trained and developed them, the last thing you want is the envelope containing you know what… their resignation!

Incentivisation and retention have never been hotter topics, particularly when the trimming knife is out on every cost possible. So is there an ideal way to hold on to your best people? Is it just plain cash, bonus potential, share incentives, holiday, time to watch the kid's Christmas production? Or despite best efforts, is there something else at work?

Think of your own experience of a great day at the office. The kind of day when you know your employer’s values match yours, you have the best team and line support ever, and quite honestly your brand is the best there is right now!

Think of a lousy day when nothing goes right, there's not enough support, communication is horrendous and quite honestly your line manager wouldn't know a great initiative if it was on a neon sign the height of The Shard.

What's the difference?


Plain and simple; it is your clarity of thinking (or state of mind) in the moment, that determines what you make of your experiences - and that comes from within you. Not because of any form of bonus package.

The route to delivering an exceptional environment in which your teams can flourish will come from simplicity - perhaps even just variants on the old theme of 'a fair days work for a fair days pay'. No complex package will make up for the indulgence of micromanagement and lack of inspired, intuitive leadership.

In a world where complexity is used as a route to simplicity, looking for the next 'silver bullet' retention strategy makes total sense. But in a world where we know that it is simple core values that add massively to customer or staff experience, then pursuing the complex has little meaning.

Organisations that understand this and nurture a culture based around the true understanding of mindset, motivation and the human experience tend to thrive, whatever the economic weather.

Companies preoccupied with layering in more and more complex ways to hold on to the people they most value, miss the point, take their eye off the ball and can end up paying in more ways than they can imagine.

Your people are already amazing, love them for it and see their greatness day in day out…now there's a thought.

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