The dos and don’ts of following up after an interview

30 Apr 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

There’s still some careful negotiating to be done; appearing interested in the role without crossing the line and becoming downright annoying can be almost as stress-inducing as the build up and interview itself.

Here are some of our expert tips to help you navigate the follow-up procedure:

The Dos

1. Follow up!

It sounds obvious but it’s critical to show your interest in the job opportunity and keep yourself in the hiring team’s minds. If you think you might forget, set up alerts to remind you to follow up.

2. Say Thank You

Be sure to thank the interviewers if they have made a special effort to meet you before or after typical working hours. If they give you a business card, send them a thank you email and ask a question that follows on from the interview.

3. Give Feedback Promptly

Call your recruitment consultant as soon as you can after the interview.
You’ll remember more about the meeting and what was said a couple of hours afterwards compared with leaving it a day or two. We like to be armed with a full quota of feedback from a candidate before we pick up the phone to the client.

The Don’ts

1. Pester your Recruitment Consultant

Emailing or calling every hour asking for feedback isn’t going to get you the feedback from the interview any faster. Sit tight and trust that we’ll pick up the phone the moment we have a critique to share.

2. Assume the Worst

If you haven’t heard anything for a day or two after the interview, it isn’t necessarily bad news for you. The interviewers probably want to meet all the candidates on their shortlist before coming to a decision.

3. Take it Personally

If you are not offered the job, try to maintain a positive mindset. The decision not to hire you is based on the company’s very specific criteria and needs. If you don’t match those requirements, it’s not a measure of your professional ability. Go for a drink (or two!), put it in perspective and move on to other opportunities!

What are your tips on achieving an effective and professional follow-up process?

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