Partying vs Productivity: The PR Manager’s Christmas conundrum

05 Dec 2012 by Sarah Leembruggen.

The run up to Christmas can be a struggle for PR managers. Too many socials and not enough work. Humbug. So, plan it out and take a chill pill.

Working out how to juggle those unexpected days off as well as Christmas cover can help to eliminate the inconvenience and frustration it causes. Many people work remotely, which takes the sting out of things. Those back at the office should make communication even more of a priority, so colleagues are kept abreast of where client accounts are up to. Perhaps have an ongoing handover, so that if someone decides on a duvet day, the world can carry on.

Take advantage of Christmas networking opportunities and remind your team to do the same. With festive cheer and bubbles at every social, it’s a great time to make new connections. Love it or hate it, networking is king in PR and it’s easier to mingle when everyone’s in festive spirits. Follow up new client contacts ASAP.

Partying after work is par for the course at this time of year, and so it seems, are hangovers. polled 500 middle managers in London with 39% admitting that their Christmas drinking was likely to affect how well they could conduct their job; 17% said they would be suffering with a hangover for at least three days out of their working week. There’s little you can do, beyond stocking up the office First Aid cabinet with painkillers and rehydration salts.

Shopping online is another activity that eats away at efficiency. Well, who hasn’t done it? And with Amazon processing an order every 35 seconds as the rush begins, it’s hard to know who’s writing up copy, or tapping out a client e-mail and who’s busier making one-click purchases. Ok, so you’ve got an internet useage policy, but unless it’s incessant online activity, it’s probably best to let it pass.

If you really can’t face the idea of lost productivity, and want to kill two birds with one stone, you could turn the office party into a fabulous Christmas team building event, where colleagues work together to make a Christmas cake blindfolded, build Santa’s sleigh together, or solve the mystery of who stole the Christmas presents!

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