Our 5 secrets to securing a second interview – every time

26 Apr 2018 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Here we share our favourite secrets to success in your interview – and how you can land your perfect job in PR and communications.

1. What’s your specific evidence?

Successful PR and communications professionals have a wealth of stories and quantifiable evidence for their professional experience. Decide which three or four key messages are the most important to convey for the position you are being interviewed for and how you want to demonstrate evidence of your successes in these areas. Practice discussing them in mini case study style, so you know them really well. These should be part of your professional repertoire – and you should know specific results off by heart.

2. Strive to go the extra mile

Doing your research and knowing as much as you possibly can about the role and company is of course a standard stamp of interview preparation. However going the extra mile to impress your interviewers is the mark of an exceptional PR and communications professional. Make sure you’ve reviewed their latest annual report, recent press releases, media coverage (including on the day of interview) and company vision. Who’s interviewing you – do you know their role and background? Could you bring a portfolio of relevant ideas to share with your interviewers about your plan for the role? If your aim is to impress in your interview – you will do.

3. Don’t tell, sell

Now is not the time to be understated. It’s your time to sell your expertise with specific evidence. Third party referral is a great way of saying you’re great too. ‘My boss said this about that campaign’, ‘my client was delighted’.

4. Show you’re interested – even if you’re not

The PR industry is built on reputation and has a long memory and it’s also very incestuous, so it’s important to ensure you’re demonstrating your personality at its very best. It’s useful to view yourself as part of a bigger picture, taking steps forward in your career which can help you view your interview more objectively – and also take some of the nerves out of the situation. If during the interview you think the role is mismatched to what you are looking for, it’s important to still present yourself at your best with energy and enthusiasm – for your professional reputation’s sake.

5. Have creative questions

Asking thoughtful questions at the end of the interview is a good way to demonstrate your individual value. If you’re getting your interviewers to think more about their answers, and you’re demonstrating understanding and relevancy around the role, this will make you stand out against your competitors. So spend time thinking about your questions beforehand and have several up your sleeve in case they are covered in conversation – as long as they are professional, relevant and intelligent questions they will help you on your way to interview success!

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