Losing your creative spark? We share Consumer PR insider tips on keeping it alight!

20 May 2015 by Megan Crayford-Noble.

“One of the biggest challenges we face in terms of creativity within PR is around storytelling. We need to tell far more exciting, bold stories and execute them to the same standard as entertainment brands; our benchmarks will need to be much higher as our clients demand end-to-end stories with longer reaching legacy.” Jason Yates, freelance Creative PR Director

Talk to everyone – and anyone!

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times and it can come from surprising sources. Kev O’Sullivan, MD at Surname and Surname, says, “Speak to people – friends, family, clients, strangers, experts, our brothers and sisters at Blue Rubicon and Open Road. We get the best stimulus from other people … and Google images.” All it takes is one comment that throws a different angle on something and ‘ping’ – there goes the light bulb, giving you a fresh outlook and igniting a series of new ideas.

Nurture that open office culture

Keeping the creative vibe alive in the office is crucial. It’s important that your office culture is one that encourages all members of the team to share their ideas freely – no matter how ‘out there’ or different they are.

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!

Get the whole team together to throw ideas around; better still, get your heads together in a setting that’s different to your usual meeting space – go to a park or a local café. More often than not, when you find you’re getting stuck for ideas, a change of scenery can shake things up and get the ideas moving again. Creative PR Director, Jason Yates, says he’s never stuck for ideas. “The creative always comes by imagining what you would love to see, hear and feel. If you had absolutely nothing to do with the brand, what could pull you in?”

Keep your team diverse

Having a team made up of people from different backgrounds with a broad cross section of hobbies and interests outside of work means that they will bring different perspectives and approaches to each and every project – a winning combination for creativity.

Keep your finger on the pulse!

Half the battle in PR is ensuring that you are one step ahead. By knowing what’s trending and current amongst your target audiences, you can see what’s inspiring them and getting them talking.

Cross a few boundaries

We’re hearing more and more about how Consumer PR professionals are widening the net by reaching out and partnering up with whoever is willing in their network – not just other PR professionals. Making use of the diverse skills and expertise that people from other sectors have to offer is another great means of bringing a fresh point of view to the table as well as giving you the option to implement campaigns with different elements.

What do you do when you feel that the creative spark is dwindling? We’d love to hear.

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