In need of some inspiration?  Check out our Top 5 TED Talks!

23 Aug 2018 by Sarah Leembruggen.

1. Andy Puddicombe – All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

When was the last time you took 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing? Let Andy Puddicombe tell you how mindfulness meditation can help you. After spending 10 years travelling around the world, studying meditation and being ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Northern India, Andy has revolutionised the art of meditation by making it accessible through his brilliant app, Headspace.

Ten minutes is honestly all you need. Andy takes you through every step and all you need to do is follow. Give the 10-day free trial of Headspace a whirl – we think you’ll be hooked! Andy talks about the transformative power of refreshing your mind for 10 minutes a day on this TED Talk.

2. Kelly McGonigal – How to make stress your friend

Do you believe that stress is harmful? Are you worried about the impact it is having on your health? Check out this TED Talk with psychologist Kelly McGonigal. She talks about how your mindset holds the key to embracing stress rather than believing it’s going to kill you! Like PRs, we headhunters work at an intense pace so we welcome this alternative perspective on how to handle those cortisol levels, especially if we have an important meeting to attend or a presentation to deliver.

3. Shawn Achor – The happy secret to better work

There is a wealth of research that links happiness with increased productivity and success in the workplace. Fast-talking and highly amusing psychologist Shawn Achor gives a very entertaining and insightful talk on how the brain is 30% more productive when it is positive and shares a series of very simple steps to rewire the brain for improved performance.

4. Amy Cuddy – Your body language shapes who you are

This is a ‘must watch’ if you are preparing for an interview or presentation. Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy gives an inspiring and amazing talk on how using body language consciously will help you achieve your desired outcomes. You might actually cry with joy!

5. Bel Pesce – 5 ways to kill your dreams

In this short but powerful talk, Brazilian entrepreneur, Bel Pesce talks about what not to do if you want your ambitions to be realised. Well worth a watch as it’s relevant to anyone with a dream, however big or small.

Which TED Talks have inspired you? We’d love to hear.

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