How to make a success of working in-house in 5 simple steps – Heads of Media reveal all!

10 Jun 2015 by Miriam Hanna.

You have made the move in-house and are adapting to a different way of working in a new environment. How do you make sure you’re on track to making the move a success? Follow these simple steps to ensure you lay the foundations that will put you on the path to being viewed as a key member of the team.

Demonstrate that you add value

Don’t limit yourself to being ‘the PR person’ or ‘the media relations person’. Think of yourself (and refer to your role) as part of a team that has a broad spectrum of combined skills to offer. After all, more often than not, you are sitting with the marketing, branding, and digital people, so take the opportunity to learn from each other and collaborate on projects. This will broaden your skill set and show how much value you add to the firm – all in one shot.

Be inquisitive

You have been brought in to do PR, perhaps in a team, because no one else in the company can do it. Internal stakeholders may not be very good at sharing their success stories. As Emily Binning, Global Marketing Communications Manager at Arup, found, “The engineers have absolutely no idea how brilliant the work they do really is. It’s up to me to make proactive steps to find out what’s happening and share it.”

Have the right mindset

Treat your internal stakeholders as you would treat your clients in an agency. Remember that the way to bring them on board is to show empathy, listen to what they want and identify common ground. Ask yourself if what they want to achieve can be supported by implementing a media strategy. Keeping these key points in your vision will keep you on the right track – a successful one.

Know and understand the culture you are working in

Sole traders, limited companies and partnerships – which one you work for can have a significant impact on how you approach your work. James Igoe, Head of Media Relations at Deloitte, believes that working for a partnership in professional services requires an ability to negotiate and have influence: “The nature of a partnership means that working collaboratively is essential. With hundreds of senior stakeholders in the business, you need to be good at bringing people together to reach consensus and agree priorities.”

Align yourself to company goals

Mark Radvanyi, Head of Media and Analyst Relations at Accenture, has strived to ensure that the media relations team are strategically aligned to the company goals. While it may seem obvious, it is a nonetheless challenging endeavour – one that is perhaps not undertaken enough. Mark explains, “My media team know which bits of the company Accenture have targeted for growth so their work is aligned to that. They know that they are instrumental in helping Accenture to achieve its targets and goals.”

How do you ensure your success either in a stand-alone PR capacity or as part of a wider team? Share your thoughts!

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