How to get noticed by recruiters

28 Jun 2017 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Your CV: It needs to be distinctive, with updated skills and work history, a contemporary format and no mistakes. There’s a myriad of different styles and plenty of examples online to give you ideas about how to make yours stand out. Click here if you need a template for a new CV.

LinkedIn: It’s where most recruitment starts these days, so it’s a good idea to use LinkedIn if you don’t already. Approaches to suitable candidates are often made online. If you’re already a user, then make sure your profile is regularly updated and you have good amount of connections. Use keyword searches to connect to the specialist recruiters for your sector.

Keep in touch: An occasional contact call is another way of helping embed your personality in the mind of recruiters. Remember that they’re looking for the right credentials and cultural fit, so it’s no bad thing to get a little bit chummy with your consultant. A quick phone call will put you back in the forefront of their minds and help you to find out what potential new roles could be coming up in your professional area. If you haven’t heard from anyone it’s probably because nothing suitable has come up. If you do call, be polite – recruiters get lots of calls like this.

Twitter: Many consultants will release the roles they’re recruiting for via Twitter, so it’s a fast way to find out what’s new. Follow your consultants and if you tweet, ask your consultants to follow you. It’s another way of helping your consultancy to get to know a little more about you and most consultants will check your social media presence before contacting you. Keep it professional – glib personal comments rarely reflect well.

Add Value: Leads and referrals to your recruiter will help to enhance the connection you’ve made. Remind your colleagues to mention your name if they do get in touch. If you see an article or hear of something you think would be of interest to your consultant, mail it across. Think of other ways you could contribute: Write a blog, supply industry insight or expert opinion on your professional sector.

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