How to find career success with a mentor

03 May 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Have you got a mentor in your professional sphere – or are you considering getting one? The positive impact and enlightenment a mentor brings can be limitless. They are also likely to be in your network right now and can come from all walks of life. Here we highlight our top inspirations for getting a mentor.


Having a second perspective on your career can work wonders for your motivation levels. A mentor is a dedicated individual who holds an objective view on your career and has the proactive time to review, suggest improvements and widen your professional thought processes. This can be a hugely refreshing experience and give you a different viewpoint, which positively impacts your sense of motivation.

Hindsight becomes foresight

This is of course a hugely well-known saying in the world of mentorship – and very true, as a mentor’s professional experiences in the past can be a solid playing ground for your professional future. As mentors share their knowledge, stories and experiences, this can give you the opportunity to review scenarios in your own professional world and give you a renewed foresight. However, a mentor could also be more junior to you too and show you the way with a different, specialised expertise.

Makes you uncomfortable

A mentor will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things – they will hold you accountable too so there is no getting away with it! You will be stretched, challenged and consequently grow. You learn the most when you are feeling out of your comfort zone.

Positive energy

A mentor’s role is to provide constructive insight into your professional world, which provides a positive influence and outlook – and can also change yours too! This can be endlessly helpful in facing issues and challenges in your career and of course in overcoming them, a useful attribute to develop. This positivity will also of course make your career a much more enjoyable one!

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