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24 Apr 2018

1. What was the background story?

I was fresh off the boat after spending seven years working in the United States when I met Sarah and her team at The Works. I had spent my time in the U.S. at a boutique Midwest PR firm, and before that had been a financial services trade journalist in London.

2. What were your objectives?

I wanted to find a managerial role in either an in-house communications role, or possibly at a PR agency, although at the time I was reticent to go back into the agency environment. Also, because of my situation with a wife and daughter preparing to follow me to London, I was looking for competitive compensation considering my experience and my situation.

3. How did we support your search?

I engaged with 10 London PR and communications agencies during my two-month search and The Works was the only one that supported me completely. From my first meeting with Sarah, she set my horizons, asked me to rewrite my CV and explained the current PR/Comms jobs landscape and where I fit into that. She was frank, forward and a breath of fresh air. She also advised me to consider agency work based on her expert opinion. I trusted her, and it paid off.

Sarah and The Works team were also unrelenting. I got daily phone calls, regular emails and constant support. They never let up. They also delivered with every single promise they made. They prepped me thoroughly for my interviews, and without a doubt had my best interests at heart through the whole process.

4. What was the outcome?

In about four weeks, I found a great job at a top London PR agency in an account director role, with a salary and benefits above and beyond what I was initially looking for.

5. Did anything surprise you whilst working with The Works Search?

Yes, how terrible other recruiters are! I met with 10 recruiters and mostly heard nothing from them. Most would not respond to notes without constant pushing. Others were clearly only out to make their own quotas and aggressively pushed sub-standard opportunities. But The Works was different in as much as they did what I expected of a recruiter - they helped me, they supported me and they reassured me throughout a stressful time in my professional life.

6. Would you recommend us to other professionals?

If you’re a PR and communications professional in London, I would recommend you only go to The Works. They know the industry, they have great connections and they know how to help you become the best applicant you can be.

Thank you Lee Jones, Associate Partner at Instinctif Partners​

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