Don’t lose your PR superstars over the simple stuff

28 Jun 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

As specialists in PR and Communications search, we know a thing or two about what motivates an exceptional PR candidate to want to move jobs. And so we can give you an insight on what your business can do to ensure you’re doing everything you can to improve retention.

1. Pay market rate

It’s obvious but important. Salary is a huge factor in retention and gives a strong advantage over your competitors. You need to make sure your employees are not only feeling valued, but that this is being represented in their payslips. As a hugely competitive and fast-moving industry, it’s important you are regularly reviewing your team’s salaries, bonuses and benefits package, to reassure your team that their financial welfare is firmly and consistently on your radar. Be open to negotiation and take on board feedback about salaries, and look at what your competitors are paying and doing – are there any creative remuneration tips you could take on? Read our industry-leading PR and communications Salary Survey for an in-depth look at what you should be paying your employees – this is a very handy tool for benchmarking your PR team.

2. Say well done!

Whatever your leadership style, it’s important that appreciation is shown in one way or another. When was the last time you said ‘well done’? Openly valuing your employees in whatever way possible – by recognising their work, their attitude or their team playing skills – shows proof that you are consistently evaluating and appreciating their results and skill set. Involving your talented employees in key decisions, and listening to their views, reinforces a sense of value and appreciation.

3. A bright and shiny future

By showing an interest in their individual future and having a bright and shiny career path you can demonstrate that you are thinking about their long-term prospects, and employees can make a clear assessment on how the business can benefit them in their PR career. Having a clear career path is a strong incentive for PR and communications professionals retention – our 2016 Salary Survey results found this was a top 3 factor to stay with their employer at over 50%. Ask yourself, do your superstars know exactly what their path is with your business?

4. Offer a stretch

Of course it’s important that your employees are performing well, but in a competitive industry it’s also crucial that they’re developing experiences and skills by being thrown challenges. PR is a demanding industry and if your talent are feeling that they are being intellectually stretched, they will view this as a huge plus in being a part of the business.

5. Give mentorship

Whether you can directly offer membership, or recommend people in your senior network who can guide your team, mentorship is becoming a hugely used and valued tool in the communications industry. Being actively involved in mentorship shows a progressive and forward-thinking attitude and allows your employees to recognise your commitment to their professional development – and they can develop exciting ideas from their mentor to help build their career.

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