Don’t let rejection ruin your job search

15 Sep 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

You’ve had the chance to shine at interview, and you had got the feeling it went really well. But you just haven’t had the offer. Not only that, it’s happened more than once. Having multiple interviews which haven’t led anywhere can be a very trying experience for many professionals. If you don’t seem to be getting to the offer stage it may be that you are starting to question your own abilities. But remember, although there are a wealth of very exciting in-house and agency opportunities in the PR and communications industry, there is also some pretty tough competition, especially in London. Here we share our key tips for ensuring you don’t let rejection ruin your job search.

Become an interview expert

One of the best things about having to go to lots of interviews is that you can really hone your interview technique, making sure it’s polished, streamlined and highly relevant to the organisation you’re interviewing with. Importantly in the PR and communications industry, you will also have learned to use your very best examples, evidence of successes, achievements and stories, and your examples will also be current. It’s also a great way to remind yourself of your value and achievements in your current role which can boost your confidence. But beware you don’t get too ‘interview-tired’ – if possible give yourself some reasonable space between interviews so you are not rushing from one to the next. If you seem too rehearsed, the interviewer will know it. A great interview confidence booster is Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk – have a look here.

Get feedback

Getting feedback about your interview is a hugely beneficial thing to do as it can give you a constructive view of your performance, what areas could do with improving, and give you much-needed confidence on what you did well. Thankfully it’s now quite common practice for organisations to give interviewees their feedback – and you need to make sure that you’re asking for it if it hasn’t been freely offered. If it’s not possible to get it from the interviewer, then ask an HR contact directly. Unfortunately there are still a few companies which don’t give feedback which is sadly not a very progressive approach – however you need to make sure you are proactive in trying to get it, and also in acting upon it for the next interview.

Seek expert advice

Speak to specialist search experts in your sector who can really give you insights into your CV, experience and market value. It’s also likely they will have some exciting roles up their sleeve that might well tempt you down a new path. Many consultancies, such as ours, are happy to offer bespoke advice which can help you in your career and professional development as well as valuable tips about what is going on in the job market in your sector. We also give you feedback on your interview technique to help you nail the next one.

Be persistent

Although it’s great to have had just one role which you were really excited about, but ultimately didn’t get, don’t falter at this hurdle and let it distract you from your ultimate objective. Be continuously open to other opportunities, keep up the search and put yourself forward for other roles, because in the fast-paced world of PR you really don’t know what might be coming your way. Keep up a healthy and manageable pipeline of great roles you’re interviewing for. In our experience it can take considerable time to find the right role – particularly for PRs looking for in-house moves, which can take significantly longer, especially at senior level. Make sure you’re keeping your goals in sight, stay positive, use your network and don’t give up!

What advice would you give for dealing with job rejection? We’d love to hear – tweet us @theworksrecruit.

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