Consumer PR: The agency battle to win talent

13 Jun 2013

As demand for talent at the mid-level gains momentum, candidates on the whole, remain firmly focussed on an in-house move. Those open to an agency switch, do so with caution. A great person at this level has worked hard to get to where they are, and will move only for something that feels just right.

So, what can an agency hirer do to entice top talent? Big names and big budgets aren’t always enough anymore. If you want to attract the dynamite people, you have to show what makes you special.

  • Projects, projects, projects: Talented, hard-working people want to work on campaigns they can be proud of, and with people who inspire them. Nothing demonstrates a team’s creativity better than the creative work you’ve already done. So talk about it.
  • Your culture: It might seem obvious, but new people to learn from and be inspired by, or a change of pace, can be an incredibly tempting prospect for those who’ve stayed with one employer for a long time. Make sure interviewers are ‘present’ and engaged.
  • Development: Does your agency give free rein to entrepreneurial, new business supremos? Do you have a great track record for mentoring your Associate Directors to Board level? Perhaps you have created specialist roles? Make sure you say so. Career development remains a priority at these levels.

These are a few of the reasons we insist on seeing all of our clients before we can work on roles – it’s our job to paint a clear and compelling picture to the people who would thrive in each environment. When it comes to great people, just as candidates must impress, so do the interviewers only get one chance to leave a great impression.

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