Commuter Heaven or Hell: Utilising time on the way to work

14 Mar 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

I go to work by train, like millions of others who head into London each day. What do I see? Carriages cluttered with commuters catching flies and inhaling the newspaper they were reading before they dropped off.

WAKE UP! There are so many other things you could be doing! Things you won’t have time for once the day begins. I’ve drawn up a list to assist with ideas:

Things To Do Whilst Commuting (By Public Transport):

  1. Set your short, medium and long term goals.

This is sacred time you have every day. Take a few minutes to think about the goals you have and how to achieve them. Or if you’ve already set your targets, look at what you've achieved and keep on track.

  1. Organise your inbox.

File, delete, file, delete, file, delete. It’s not a bad time to do it – once you get to work it will become a low priority chore. Synch your to-do lists; We like Wunderlist 2 or Evernote.

  1. Develop your team.

As you gaze out of the window go through your team members and think about ways to enhance their skills, or consider who might benefit from some tasks that you could delegate.

  1. Find solutions to help you work smarter.

Working inefficiently only adds to stress levels. And once you’re on the work treadmill it can be difficult to find time to develop ways to streamline your day. Use your travel time to develop some ideas.

  1. Clear your mind for creative thought

Studies show that it’s early in the morning when we are at our most creative. Take some time to make mental space for those projects or problems that need a clear head to plan or resolve.

If you’re worried about frittering away your social time, why not adapt this list and focus on your domestic life. And if you’ve still got travel time to fill, try dipping into As They Slept (Comical tales of a London Commuter) by Andy Leeks.

There are more thoughts from The Works team on our weekly blog.

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