Big mistake — huge.  Why setbacks aren’t as bad as they seem

21 May 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

There are times when we all feel as though we’re never going to achieve what we want to. We start to question our goals or worse still we decide that they’re pointless. Everyone else around you seems to be getting it right, moving ahead, tweeting news of their latest success…. and you’re not. Have a little faith. Many of the most successful people have experienced a far from straightforward path to where they are today.

Five of the most remarkable women in the public eye today (J.K. Rowling, Kelly Holmes, Naomi Alderman, Doreen Lawrence, Lauren Laverne) spoke on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour about how they didn’t always get it right and how their failures were key to their success.
They all had their setbacks; they hit bumps along the path to success. They didn’t always believe it was going to happen.

Remember that things can change from one day to another. Your fate lies in your own hands. It lies in how you respond to the mistakes that you will inevitably make.

Every mistake and every choice you make will have an influence on your path in life. You’ll fall down. You’ll fall down several times. You’ll wonder if you’ll ever stop falling down. The answer to that is no. So when you fall, get up! Get up stronger! Follow your convictions. They are yours, they are worth valuing and they are worth holding on to.

Focus on what is in front of you. A setback is merely a setback. It’s not the end of the road. It’s the start of the next chapter…one that may well take you that little bit closer to great things! It happened to the women featured in the clip, so why not you too?

How do you respond to your mistakes? What have they taught you over the years? Please share!

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