Be a better leader and inspire greatness from your team

08 Apr 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

I recently attended an Elite Recruitment Network seminar on how to be an inspiring leader. After listening to the brilliant speaker, Mark Fritz, I came away feeling inspired. I thought I would seize the moment to share some gems that I took away from the session.

Leadership gems

  • Speak in outcomes, not activities so that the members of your team effectively own and have pride in the outcome and work in unison towards it; lay down the ultimate outcome and bring clarity to your definition of success.
  • Nose in, fingers out – don’t micro-manage, give ownership and your team will feel trusted and be happier, as will you.
  • For a meeting – set the outcomes and aim to obtain agreement around the actions. Your role is to drive results and create a culture to drive better results.
  • Provide a compelling explanation of why they are doing key activities and make it relevant to your team; there is a great TED video about How great leaders inspire action looking at the power of “why.” People buy why you do it and not what you do. Stop and think: What’s your purpose? What do you believe? Use stories to bring your “why” alive.
  • 20% of what we do comprises of “necessary evils” and a manager’s job is to motivate the team to do these as successful people do them; focus your energies on your best people, the ones with a great attitude who perform well and remember to give them lots of recognition.
  • Build an open and trust-based collaborative environment with strong values; get everyone contributing in meetings by asking them to bring their ideas to the meeting on a Post-It note (3 ideas each for discussion).
  • As leaders, we ask the questions, we do not give the answers – get your team to come up with the answers by asking, “What outcome do you want?” and “What options do we have?”

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