Agency Directors and Partners – What are the P words that can turn your new business prowess around?

16 Mar 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Think about the hunters on your team. They are the ones who thrive on the ‘chase’ for a new opportunity (even when there doesn’t appear to be one), they love to network, they generate the buzz and excitement. While good at maintaining a client base, they prefer to keep exploring new areas. They love to multi-task and have several projects on the go. Even though they may not always follow through and have a tendency to lose focus easily, when all is said and done, the hunter type and the PR industry are pretty much a match made in heaven – right?

Maybe not…

Take a look at the farmers. While not as focused on the ‘hunt’, they are the ones who build and cultivate relationships and opportunities, typically within existing accounts. They take a long-term view and will work for a long time to close a deal. Farmers can turn a client from good to great by the nature of their relationship and the loyalty they gain from their efforts. They nurture. They collaborate. They are team players. Fantastic qualities to have on your team.

So, what you need is a good mix of both hunters and farmers – but more than that, you need to encourage and motivate them to learn from one another because your dream team is made up of hunters who know how to farm and farmers who know how to hunt.

With an overwhelming majority of farmers in the PR and Comms industry, maybe it’s time to try and redress the balance a little – and elicit a few more of the ‘hunter’ qualities in your team.

At a recent leadership presentation given by motivational business speaker, Jeff Grout, this very topic came up – he shared some fantastic ways that PR professionals can have more sophisticated conversations that bring more value than simply asking outright for new business. By using his ‘6 Ps’ method, you can stop asking rookie, old-school questions simply asking for business and inspire a greater hunter-farmer balance when seeking new leads.

These are the 6 P-questions that you need:

What are your current Business…

1. Priorities

2. Problems – issues you are facing

3. Pressures – challenges the business is facing in the market right now

4. Projects – up and coming campaigns

5. Plans – future plans for your team

6. Performance Issues?

Using this questioning technique will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and sound like a consultant and partner. It will also help you gauge a better level of understanding a company’s needs and challenges. You’ll not only be more successful in your ‘hunt’ but you’ll also be on the right track to nurturing fantastic relationships.

Are you ready to take your business acumen to new heady heights?

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