8 Ways to Keep Career Anxiety at Bay

26 Sep 2012

Resolve to be honest with yourself. Get pen and paper. Now think…

• What DON’T you like? Assess the elements of your role or your career that you don’t enjoy and look for a path that will phase them out. It may mean re-training, getting new qualifications or making a sideways step in your career, but it will also give you renewed energy in your day-to-day job.

• Focus on what you DO like: Remember, there will be elements in every job that you find mundane or don’t enjoy. Ease any office frustrations by investing more time in a hobby or interest you’re passionate about. If you’re looking to change career then work towards your new goal. Keep reminding yourself about what you really want in life and why it’s important.

• Write down your plans: This may sound corny, but it really works. A written statement of your intentions is like a binding contract with yourself. Keep it to hand to remind yourself what your goals are, and it should keep you on track.

• Ignore the doubters: Once you know what you want, stick with it. Advice from colleagues, friends and family may be well-meant but don’t let it lead you off your chosen path.

• Learn from every opportunity: Keep watching, listening and learning. Seek out best practice; observe your manager or your manager’s manager. What makes then good at what they do? Pick out the positives from your competitors; learn from high flyers, successful partnerships and friends you admire.

• Stay on track: Keep yourself educated and up to speed with new ideas, technology and management techniques in your sphere. Try to use as much as you can in your role. Sitting back and stagnating will only slow you down.

• Don’t get too comfortable: New projects and experiences will add vigour to your work and inject an element of freshness. Be the one to take on new challenges. If you’re contemplating a change in career begin to make steps towards your new goal – don’t make excuses for yourself.

• Stay positive: Surround yourself with positive people and try to distance yourself from those you find emotionally draining. Keep your drive and when you feel your motivation dropping remind yourself of why you are making changes in your life.

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