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Happy Christmas! With love from, Your Boss

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18 Dec 2013 Comments

What is the best gift your manager could give you this year? That’s the question we’ve been asking our PR clients and contacts this week. Some said time off....(yes please!) Others wanted a bonus...(absolutely)...or an ipad?....(very practical).
But what did the others want? Suffice to say, you can’t make this stuff up, so read and enjoy!

Take the slog out of your blog

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23 Oct 2013 Comments

Writing your business blog shouldn’t be a chore. Remember all the reasons why you do it?...
You’re connecting with your clients and customers, you’re focusing on publicising what’s central to the success of your business, and you’re enhancing the profile of your venture and creating new leads.
Blogging is good for your business – that’s why you do it. But what makes a good blog? Content. Here are some things to help you create good quality content and take the slog out of your blog.

The Secret of Keeping Good People in a Difficult Market

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07 Nov 2012 Comments

This week we hear from guest blogger, Dave Kibby, a specialist in 'thinking' and the impact of motivation and mindset within business. He has coached Executives and International sports people to help them make sense of their thinking and get the very best results. Dave shares his thoughts about how to retain your best people, in a market where budgets are being slashed but money still talks.

Getting the max from your office space?

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11 May 2012 Comments

Creativity is inspired by environment and so innovative office design is a must if you want to get the most from your people. Out go the grey padded cubicles familiar to the cult US film Office Space and in come hot desking and collaborative working, around ergonomically designed desks, in sustainable spaces... some of which wouldn’t look out of place in Willy Wonker’s Chocolate Factory.

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