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Don’t let Social Media ruin your job search…

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24 Mar 2015 Comments

Social media can be an incredibly effective way to widen a job search and get access to employers, but with greater access comes a greater chance to get things wrong. Surely a brief Facebook post or a Tweet of a mere 140 characters (or less) isn’t going to do any harm? Absolutely not – when used mindfully. However, there is no certainty how one thing said today will be viewed and construed tomorrow.

Run through our handy checklist of ‘don’ts’ to ensure your social media presence is fit for purpose.

Why some journalists are doubting Tweeters…Headland’s Mike Sergeant shares his views

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05 Feb 2015 Comments

Mike Sergeant, our favourite political and business news correspondent, having successfully made the move from the world of BBC journalism into corporate and financial PR to join Headland, took time out of his new role to share his opinion on some of the findings in CISION’s Social Journalism Study 2015.

Take the slog out of your blog

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23 Oct 2013 Comments

Writing your business blog shouldn’t be a chore. Remember all the reasons why you do it?...
You’re connecting with your clients and customers, you’re focusing on publicising what’s central to the success of your business, and you’re enhancing the profile of your venture and creating new leads.
Blogging is good for your business – that’s why you do it. But what makes a good blog? Content. Here are some things to help you create good quality content and take the slog out of your blog.

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