A Manager’s Guide to the Office Winter Blues

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18 Jan 2016 Comments

The PR profile for the month of January and its paltry neighbour February, needs some work. The mood board for these months is grey and black; empty purses; flu symptoms; drenched hair; cancelled trains and a production line of repetitive routines. Motivating a team wallowing in a place like that isn’t easy. But with a bit of PMA and some classic PR, it can be done. Here’s how:

The headhunters reveal their goals for 2016 - What are yours?

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12 Jan 2016 Comments

Resolutions are typically focused around attempting to deny your own deeply ingrained habits – the usual suspects; drink less, give up sugar, go the gym every day. Whereas goals are usually set with a view to where you want to be at the end of the year – a vision of where you will be on your career path, where you want to have travelled to, your financial situation. We ask the team to share their goals for 2016 and spread some inspirational cheer for the New Year.

Happy Healthy Easter!

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15 Apr 2014 Comments

Does the upcoming long weekend have Easter egg overload written all over it?
It doesn’t have to! There are ways to hold on to your healthy eating habits and still enjoy a chocolatey treat or two.

Eating sensibly—and seasonably

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14 Mar 2014 Comments

The days are getting longer, the weather is perking up and the seemingly endless winter feels as though it’s drawing to a close. Could spring be around the corner? Perhaps it’s time to put the casserole dish away, ease up on the stodgy food and incorporate some lighter bites into your diet. Don’t worry— you won’t go hungry.

Happy Christmas! With love from, Your Boss

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18 Dec 2013 Comments

What is the best gift your manager could give you this year? That’s the question we’ve been asking our PR clients and contacts this week. Some said time off....(yes please!) Others wanted a bonus...(absolutely)...or an ipad?....(very practical).
But what did the others want? Suffice to say, you can’t make this stuff up, so read and enjoy!

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