Why hiring is more painful than ever for Agencies – but doesn’t have to be

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21 Oct 2019 Comments

A former candidate of mine, now an MD, recently got in touch as he was wondering why, in three months of advertising an Associate Director role and working with a few preferred recruitment agencies, he had only received one CV worth considering. Sadly, the candidate turned out to be the wrong fit for the role – and he was no further along in what was proving to be a very painful hiring process.

How to plan your next agency move?

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07 Oct 2019 Comments

It’s approaching the last quarter of the year and you might be thinking about your next PR agency move. As with anything else in life, good preparation will bring better results. You are more likely to achieve a fair compensation at a role that is more aligned with your long-term career goals if you take time to think about your next move. Perhaps you would like a little help too?

Ladies, it’s time to ask for a pay rise – follow these five steps

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01 Oct 2019 Comments

For our Annual Salary Guide 2019, we asked both male and female PR and Corporate Comms professionals what kind of salary increases they received. Among respondents who received an uplift, across the board, more men were getting a pay rise. And just 6% of men said their salary remained the same, compared to 17% of women.

Even when we feel we deserve a promotion, a pay rise, or a better starting package, not everyone finds it easy to ask. As our survey shows, this can be especially true of women, who continue to struggle with being confident in the benefits they bring to an organisation.

Pay me more!  And this is how to do it

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23 Sep 2019 Comments

Our Annual Salary Guide 2019 revealed that an impressive 60% of PR and Corporate Comms professionals polled are happy with their salary. While this is an improvement on results from the previous year’s survey – just 56% were satisfied with what they were earning – it still leaves a rather large 40% of respondents frustrated with the level of pay they are receiving.

What is holding so many employees back from asking for a pay rise or a better uplift if they are not happy with their current salary?

43% of women in Corporate Comms are unhappy with their pay

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09 Sep 2019 Comments

In our recent Annual Salary Guide 2019, we asked PR and Comms professionals if they were happy with their pay. Their responses revealed increasing levels of dissatisfaction over remuneration, particularly among women. 43% of women in Corporate Communications are not satisfied with what they are being paid compared to 34% of men.

While men are by no means happy, women appear to be more disgruntled than ever. Our survey in 2018 revealed that 35% of women were unhappy with their pay increases compared to 29% of men. Let’s take a closer look at why this might be.

Stop skirting around the issue – flexible working is high on the agenda of your PR employees

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12 Aug 2019 Comments

Our recent Annual Salary Guide revealed that flexible working is now one of the top priorities for PR and Comms professionals when choosing a job, with 96% of respondents ranking it as extremely or very important. Yet it is no secret that the industry lags behind when it comes to offering flexible working options

Does in-house pay more?  Are the bonuses better? We look at why agencies are losing talent to in-house comms teams

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15 Jul 2019 Comments

Findings from our recently published Annual Salary Guide 2019 revealed that only 14% of respondents want to move to an agency; a whopping 70% want to move in-house. The remaining 16% want to freelance or leave the industry. This isn’t a surprise; the last ten years have seen an increasing desire for corporate communications professionals to move in-house at some point in their career, making things increasingly tougher for agencies.

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